The Fig Tree

Imma climb this tree like a monkey could do, and surely, the first one I can grab will be the right one. Then, I’ll sit on a branch, and eat this fruit like it would be the last one I could ever touch. And, when it’s over, I’ll climb even higher, and grab a second one. Maybe it won’t be as fruity as the first one. Maybe it won’t be as sweet as the previous fig. But maybe, I will like the end of it. And maybe, it will be juicier ! At least, I would have discovered a new type of fig. Learned that every single fig isn’t better than an other. And that I have plenty of time to try several ones. I have time to write poetry, I have time to learn science, I have time to be an editor, I have time to travel, I have time to have children. I have time to be everything that I am.
If being young means being a jerk, I don’t want to be young. If being young means I can taste this lot of figs in my life, I sure want to be.